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In some of the most prestigious restaurants around, the Chef’s Garden’s produce awakens the five senses and quickens the appetites of grateful foodies. For almost 30 years, the family farm has been supplying restaurateurs with high quality vegetables and herbs of unparalleled freshness while maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable and organic agricultural practices.


The Chef’s Garden CEO Bob Jones Jr.’s goal is to secure the long term viability of his family business in an increasingly competitive marketplace that requires constant production under all climatic conditions.

His pursuit of that goal is what drew him to the versatility of Sollum’s dynamic spectrum smart lighting solution. Its programmable light cycles and adaptive lighting enables it to optimize growth cycles of individual plants, resulting in a –


A personalized light recipe that optimizes lighting for every plant variety !

The results speak for themselves First case study of lettuce grown under Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution compared to lettuce grown in a greenhouse.
  • We observed a reduction in the duration of growth cycles by 25% (28 days as opposed to an average of 35 to 40 days) ;
  • The color, texture and taste of the lettuce leaves met the Chef’s Garden’s high standards in terms of quality
Second case study of radish grown under two different lighting solutions : Sollum’s versus a competitor’s LED lighting system (which features a white, blue, red and « far red » spectrum very common to the vertical greenhouse industry).
  • Radish grown under ours were bigger, more visually appealing and maintained their freshness and taste after 20 days of refrigeration.

« We are proud to supply all culinary artists with extraordinary vegetables, and Sollum Technologies and the features of the solution make it easy for us to do so » explains CEO Bob Jr. « Our seedlings grow faster, are more beautiful, taste better and, importantly, retain their quality for a much longer time », he added.

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