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What do you mean by “Plug and Play Sun All Day”?

Only Sollum’s LED lighting technology is that simple and that sophisticated. 100% smart power – Our fully programmable SUN as a Service cloud platform is unique: it enables an infinite number of light recipes and recreates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light, from sunup to sundown, anywhere in the world. That’s how one of our clients can grow Japanese citrus in Québec. 100% connected – Sensors integrated in Sollum fixtures – the only ones designed to deliver the benefits of SUN as a Service enable the adjustment of greenhouse lighting in real time to fit the recipe according to changes in ambient light. And since growers know best, they have full control from their PC to modify light spectra based on their observations. 100% crop flexibility – Because each smart fixture is an AI-powered computer, growers benefit from infinite multi-zone light management. Thanks to a simple drag and drop interface, a grower can designate different lighting zones and apply different recipes from their PC to cultivate several fruits, vegetables, and even varieties of the same produce in one greenhouse. What’s in it for growers? Lighting tailored to specific produce provides the quality nature has to offer and what consumers and the supply chain require – better taste, appearance, and plant morphology, longer shelf life, and less waste. Growers also benefit from the increased energy savings and crop productivity that arise from crop-specific lighting.

How programmable is your solution, really?

Only Sollum’s LED lighting technology is 100% programmable! There’s programmable, and then there’s fully programmable! Other fixtures provide a limited number of preprogrammed light recipes based on fixed light spectra. Only our SUN as a Service cloud platform enables an infinite number of light recipes because our software dynamically recreates any spectra such as the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light, from sunup to sundown, anywhere in the world, on any given date  from Italy to Japan and Australia. And as growers observe their crops, they can modify the spectra and intensity of their light recipes in real time from their PC or with our help. Such unique programmability is made possible by Sollum’s AI-powered LED grow light, which adapts to any recipe. What’s in it for growers? One fixture does it all and producers benefit from all software updates. Our solution adapts to producers’ growing methods, not the other way around. Growers can rotate crops as they see fit. Because the platform adjusts to ambient light in real time, they can produce year-round and meet increasing demand for local produce. And yes, generate revenue all year long!

What do you mean by a playbook of recipes?

Our recipe playbook is a library of preprogrammed light recipes tailored to specific produce. Essentially, a light recipe is a particular modulation of the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light cycle according to the native region of a fruit or vegetable and the location of the greenhouse. Thanks to the unique, 100% programmability of our Sun as a Service cloud platform and our AI-powered light fixture, our technology performs like no other. We can recreate the Sun’s intensity and spectra from sunup to sundown, in any region of the world and at any given time. We even account for cloud cover! We’ve tested Sollum’s unique LED lighting technology on over 50 varieties of produce and worked with clients to create customizable lighting plans. We’ve developed a library of preprogrammed recipes we refer to as “the playbook” that growers can implement as is or modify in real time. What’s in it for growers? The playbook of recipes is readily available as soon as the installation of the grow lights is complete. Producers benefit from every software update, including the freshly created recipes developed by independent research centers! With the help of our team of technicians and programmers, growers can also create their own playbook over time. No need to change the fixtures or the software.

If I have a pre-established personalized light recipe, why should I modulate the light in the course of production?

Sollum’s solution enables the modulation of the Sun’s natural light and makes the cultivation of all produce possible, irrespective of their origin and the location of the greenhouse. The fixture adapts its light intensity according to ambient light in real time. With the support of Sollum’s team, greenhouse growers establish a basic recipe before the start of production. They can elect to modify their recipe or temporarily adapt luminosity to improve quality and productivity on the basis of growth-related observations. Not only does our technology allow growers to adjust light intensity, it also enables them to add, remove, modulate, and manage the ratios of colour wavelengths such as far-red, blue, or green. That gives the grower the ability to define what is best for each crop. Read our case study of Allegro Acres to learn more about the benefits of adding and removing far-red during winter pepper production.

How does “drag and drop” multi-zone light management work?

Thanks to Sollum’s unique technology, growers can effectively cultivate multiple crops in the same greenhouse. Sollum’s 100% programmable lighting is enabled by an AI-powered LED light fixture that applies the light recipe programmed in our Sun as a Service cloud platform. Since each grow light operates like a computer, we can send a recipe to designated groups of fixtures in a specific zone of the greenhouse and grow tomatoes in one space, peppers in another, strawberries in a third, and even different varieties of the same produce. How? Using their PC, growers can visualize the lighting map of the greenhouse with each fixture in its exact location. All they have to do is browse their playbook of recipes, select the recipe they want to apply, and drag and drop the recipe on the zone they’ve created. What’s in it for growers? It’s the only solution that allows growers to cultivate multiple crops with optimal lighting conditions for each using one lighting system. Better yet, they can evaluate the impact of different light recipes on produce before full scale cultivation! To find out more about our SUN as a Service platform, please see our video!

Can I use the platform on a tablet? You only mention the computer or smartphone.

We’ve noticed that most of our clients use the computer, especially for planning and management, but given that tablets and smartphones are mobile connected devices, they can also serve as the interface for the management of our solution.

Does the fixture work with other software or without software?

Only Sollum’s fixtures deliver the benefits of the SUN as a Service platform. The fixture and the software are designed to work hand-in-hand in order to generate optimal benefits for our clients. If you use a different software or no software at all, your installation won’t benefit from the exceptional light modulation capabilities of Sollum’s fixture. However, the SUN as a Service platform uses open-source architecture which enables it to interface and interact with other greenhouse management systems.

What differentiates you from others?

Our solution recreates the native light from any region in the world with unparalleled precision, which greatly increases production possibilities for greenhouse producers. It also benefits any controlled environment, like livestock or laboratories. Contrary to fixed spectrum lighting systems, our solution can adapt to your observations or apply the most recent scientific findings in plant lighting.

Where are your clients located?

Our clients operate in Canada and the USA at the moment.

Are there other applications for your smart lighting solution?

Early pilot projects suggest that our solution provides considerable value-added for laboratories, livestock breeding and production and Human Centric Lighting, which benefit from personalized high quality lighting.

The technology and features Sollum offers are so new and different from the status quo - do you provide growers with training and help them manage the transition?

We understand this can be a little daunting at first, so we have a full team of engineers, programmers, technicians, and agronomists to train and support growers throughout their time using our lighting solution. We’re there for our clients through every stage of the preparation and installation of their greenhouse lighting all the way through first harvest.

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